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World’s Funniest Airport Codes

October 01, 2015

Airport codes are usually just three-letter abbreviations that get stuck to your luggage during check-in in the hope that (*fingers crossed*) your bags end up on the same plane as you and are awaiting you on the baggage carousel at your destination. But occasionally, just occasionally, you might find your suitcase bedecked with an airport code that will reduce you to fits of childish giggles. Here are some of the world’s funniest airport codes. NOB - Nosara Beach Airport, Costa Rica Perfect for those check-in desk ‘discussions’ about who was supposed to check the backdoor was locked: a flight to NOB. DIK - Dickinson Airport, USA You’re in an English-speaking country, so this was a very naughty choice, Dickinson. KOK...

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Great gifts for Great British Bake Off fans

September 16, 2015

The Great British Bake Off is once again lighting up TV screens across the country as the latest season of the show really starts to heat up. Now into its sixth series, GBBO shows no signs of slowing down, having established itself as an iconic and hugely popular piece of television in recent years. In fact, the Bake Off is so popular that it has picked up an army of loyal fans. If you know one of those fans, you might want to treat them to a baking-inspired gift for their birthday, Christmas or another occasion. So, what gifts can you get for GBBO fans? Here are some ideas of Great British Bake Off gifts for fans of the show. Macaroon...

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