Comics Unmasked - Art and Anarchy in the UK

A few weeks ago my brother in law and I went to go and visit the exhibition at the british library. Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK

 You walked into the history of the first comics and early beginnings. They are not what you or I would think of as comics today. For example there were early illustrated reports of Jack the Ripper in the report called “Ripper Vic.’

 There were also classic illustrations from humorous  articles in Punch which include this funny portrait of Mr Punch.


The exhibition did lead into some more contemporary and mainstream artists such as Allan Moore (one of the UK’s greats exports). It was great as they had some real models which give you a scare!


We definitely recommend reading V for Vendetta


Overall it was well worth a visit. You also get to pop into the store where you can see out comic book cushions