5 great gifts to take to a BBQ this summer

If you’re anything like us, one of your favourite things about the summer is getting invited to barbecues. Great food, great company and (*fingers crossed*) great weather always makes for a fantastic evening.

But, if you’re planning on eating your bodyweight in beef at said BBQ, you might feel that BYOB doesn’t quite cut it in terms of paying your way a little bit. Why not say an extra thank you to your hosts for the invitation and, more importantly, for feeding you by taking a little barbecue themed gift with you.

Here are some suggestions of great gifts to take to a BBQ to let your host know you appreciate their efforts (and secure your invitation to their next BBQ!).

1. Butchers Beef Tea Towel

This tea towel features the various cuts of beef available from your local butcher. You can also  choose from designs featuring a lamb, pig or the full set. Make yourself an extra popular guest by offering to use it to do the dishes! Find out more.

2. Butchers Oven Mitt

Not only handy for transporting hot plates and trays round the garden and kitchen, but also a stylish BBQ-themed design. It features the butchers’ cuts from a chicken, lamb, pig and cow. Find out more. 

3. Butchers Apron

Why not take a gift that your host can put into use straightaway (and look very stylish in the process)? It too features the elegant infographics of various cuts of meat that might be getting served up at the BBQ. Find out more.

4. Seafood Apron

If you’re going down the stereotypical Australian BBQ route and you’re expecting your chef to be throwing another shrimp on there at some stage, this seafood apron might be a more appropriate barbecue gift. Find out more.

5. Cuts of Meat Mug

What better way to help your BBQ host quench their thirst than supplying this fine bone china Something to put in it, you say? Well, there’s nothing stopping you taking that, too! Find out more. 

Take a look at the full Butchers range for more BBQ gift ideas.