10 of the best independent and artisan gin brands

The end of the working week (sometimes not even quite the end, depending on what sort of a working week it has been!) means one thing: time for a gin and tonic.

But gone are the days of forcing down whatever happened to be behind the bar. These days, there are lots of smaller, lesser-know, new, independent and artisan gin brands doing exciting (and very tasty) things.

As you might have guessed from some of our gin-inspired products like the ‘Are you ginterested?’ coaster (pictured, above) and the ‘If you can read this fill my drink' coaster, here at Coconut Grass we’re partial to the occasional G&T (and we have a sneaking suspicion you might be, too).

So, to save us all a lot of time, we thought we’d collate a list of some of the most exciting gin brands out there. They’re not in any particular order - we urge you to give them all a try!

1. NB Gin

Scottish brand NB Gin takes its name from its North Berwick location. Only founded in 2013, they've been picking up awards already. They think a distinct taste might be down to a ‘kinky’ still.

2. The Botanist Gin

Islay is a word more commonly associated with whisky, but the Bruichladdich distillery has shown that once you’ve got the distilling knack, you can turn your hand to other spirits. The Botanist is an exciting and unusual dry gin.

3. Pinkster Gin

Agreeably British, is how Pinkster brands itself. Of course, a considerably amount of branding is done by the pink spirit in question. Distilled in small batches from raspberries local to its Cambridge base, Pinkster has a hint of fruit and a smooth finish. 

4. Hendricks Gin

One of the better known brands on this list, yet still flying under the radar for many people so we couldn’t resist including it. Enjoy it with a slice of cucumber: delightful.

5. Shortcross Gin

Northern Ireland based Shortcross prides itself on its small batch philosophy and describes its taste as being reminiscent of floral meadows, wild berries and grassy notes.

6. Warner Edwards Gin

Craft distillers Warner Edwards make their gin in the Northamptonshire village of Harrington. They like to keep quite about the botanicals that go into this aromatic dry gin - but we can forgive that as long as it keeps tasting so good!

7. Portobello Road Gin

By contrast, Portobello Road couldn’t be more open about what goes into its tasty gin: juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark and nutmeg, to be precise.

8. Glendalough Seasonal Gin

This Irish gin is distilled using botanicals, berries and fruit foraged from around the Co. Wicklow countryside. The blend varies each season depending on what’s fresh and what they come across. An exciting twist to an excellent gin.

9. Haymans Gin

A family business that can trace its history back to 1863, yet is surprisingly little known. Choose from the award-winning Hayman's London Dry Gin or Royal Dock, the navy-strength 57% gin supplied to the Royal Navy from 1863.

10. Caorunn Gin

This Speyside gin infuses five botanicals, which are distilled in small batches before being filled into wonderfully unusual bottles.

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