Great gifts for Great British Bake Off fans

The Great British Bake Off is once again lighting up TV screens across the country as the latest season of the show really starts to heat up.

Now into its sixth series, GBBO shows no signs of slowing down, having established itself as an iconic and hugely popular piece of television in recent years. In fact, the Bake Off is so popular that it has picked up an army of loyal fans. If you know one of those fans, you might want to treat them to a baking-inspired gift for their birthday, Christmas or another occasion. So, what gifts can you get for GBBO fans?

Here are some ideas of Great British Bake Off gifts for fans of the show.

Macaroon Flavours Print


It's usually a show-stopping sight when macaroons are made on the Great British Bake Off. The colour and presentation of the dinky French treats makes for an impressive sight - that's why they were used as the inspiration for this stylish infographic print. Click here to find out more.

Macaroon Flavours Kitchen Tea Towel

The same stylish design as the print above, but this is perhaps a better option if you want a Great British Bake Off gift that can be put to use in the kitchen, as well decorating it. What better way to encourage somebody to bake lots of delicious treats for you than providing the means for them to transport those treats from the over to your plate! Click here to find out more.

Breakfast Coffee Pancakes Print or Canvas

Some baking days don't need anything as fancy as macaroons. No, sometimes you just need something homely and comforting, like coffee and pancakes. Inspired by both vintage New York Subway signs and classic New York breakfasts, this will make a great addition to any Great British Bake Off fan's kitchen. Click here to find out more.