World’s Funniest Airport Codes

Airport codes are usually just three-letter abbreviations that get stuck to your luggage during check-in in the hope that (*fingers crossed*) your bags end up on the same plane as you and are awaiting you on the baggage carousel at your destination.

But occasionally, just occasionally, you might find your suitcase bedecked with an airport code that will reduce you to fits of childish giggles.

Here are some of the world’s funniest airport codes.

NOB - Nosara Beach Airport, Costa Rica

Perfect for those check-in desk ‘discussions’ about who was supposed to check the backdoor was locked: a flight to NOB.

DIK - Dickinson Airport, USA

You’re in an English-speaking country, so this was a very naughty choice, Dickinson.

KOK - Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport, Finland

There’s little doubt that Finland’s Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport is in need of abbreviation. But maybe they could have picked another three letters.

EEK - Eek Airport, USA

Nervous flyer? How about a flight to EEK?

BOO - Bodo Airport, Norway

Maybe a flight to BOO instead, then.

BOG - Bogotá Airport, Columbia

The Colombian capital is perhaps the highest profile destination on the list. You can quite literally BOG off to Bogota.

BUM - Butler Airport, USA

Again, English is your first language, Butler: there’s really no excuse for this, erm, cheekiness.

POO - Pocos De Caldas Airport, Brazil

Brazil’s Pocos De Caldas has plenty of letters at its disposal, but the three it went with were POO.

PEE - Perm Airport, Russia

PEE on your luggage is never a good look.

FAT - Fresno Yosemite Airport, USA

Always book an aisle seat for your flight to FAT.

DOH - Doha Airport, Qatar

At least you can channel your inner Homer Simpson if your suitcase gets lost.

FUK - Fukuoka, Japan

Yep. Sort of self-explanatory.

SEX - Sembach Airport, Germany

It’s safe to assume that this decommissioned military airbase is not as raunchy as it sounds.

DOG - Dongola Airport, Qatar

Honourable mentions to Cat Island Airport, Bahamas (CAT) and Coquimbo Airport, Chile (COW) for equally animal-inspired codes.

OMG - Omega Airport, Namibia

You’re taking me on holiday to Namibia? OMG!

Inspired by some of the funny airport codes above? Click here to create your own vintage airport code luggage tag.