Kitchen Decor - Being Bold

Decorating Kitchens - uggh. We've been working on our 'new' kitchen for the past year and a bit and now we have all the essentials (minus the flooring) in we are now starting to kit it out with some colour.

Mrs coconutgrass and have come to blows a few times over colours in the house. Best thing to do is buy test pot after test pot until you've tested every colour under the sun!

We took some of our inspiration not from a decorating book but a food book - the flavour thesuarus or "flavoursaurus" as we call it.   

We then got testing with this array of pots from B and Q and Wilkinsons and got to work. Feel free to pop to coconutgrass hq for free sample pots!

We narrowed it down and had two options - neutrals or bold. It's very easy to go a very classic and staid look you would find in a hotel. However, cooking is meant to be fun, creative, inspiring and daring so why not set the tone with some bold colour. in the end we went for a nice armagnac and lime/lawn theme.

Mrs coconutgrass banned me from edging as I can be a bit slap dash. With a little bit of work we also added a few coconutgrass prints which you can get from here notonthehighstreet or the fancy

We also took some other inspiration from our good friends at with a splash of colour


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