Our First bit of PR - Promoted on our fridge

I was looking at the fridge this morning and found some scrabble magnets given as a gift from my sister in law that had been rearranged into some string of abuse that I had let sit there for god knows how long unnoticed. I'd love to post a photo but I don't want to offend!

The general use for these scrabble tiles falls into 3 uses.

1. Rude phrases that will embarass visitors

2. The house 'to do' messages

3. Rearranging the house 'to do' messages into words / rude phrases that will embarass visitors. The added bonus is that you never saw the message/task needed to be done!


Anyway, I was looking at some magnets and found a very exciting thing that happend to coconutgrass last year. Our Personalised Destination Blind featured in the weekend suppliment of the daily mail. It was amazing as it was just before Christmas and people seemed to love them. They made a great gift and perfect for remembering those great journey's you have done with one another. I really love reading all the wonderful places but my favourite is still someone putting 'pancakes in bed.'



We also have to add special thanks to Camilla at the Travelling Souk who helped us gain this prestigous spot on the inside cover. We love this store and always find some great gifts - especially with daddys. We're also getting ready for a barbeque but don't know when we can have one. We got one of these bbq buckets for the back of the car as you never know when you may be able to take opportunity for a bbq.


Let's hope the sun keeps shining today!