Emergency uses of a tea towel from your kitchen

The bank holiday weekend was the usual pandaemonium of barbeques, entertaining and soaking up some of the sun. Everyone had had enough of the chicken tea towel so we tried to come up with some more inventive uses for tea towels. 

1. The emergency sling! (for those who take a bad fall after some dancing and want to protect the sprain).

2. The superhero cape - perfect to protect the meat on the barbecue. 

3. The baby blanket - just in case you forgot the muslin!

We've gone a little bit further for you and hand picked some tea towels we love so please take a peek.

1. The Orla 

Simple and on a panama cotton. Hopefully a timeless design.

2. The Catherine Colebrook - Proud to have this hanging on our oven. Love the colour too!



3. Butcher's tea towel - Our household favourite - available here at coconutrass, at notonthehighstreet.com and now up in Glasgow with Jolly Molly


Please let us know if you have anymore ideas for tea towels - we love them.