Espresso Martini

A relatively young recipe.

The story goes that a famous model entered the bar of cocktail legend, Dick Bradsell, who is credited for revolutionising the cocktail scene in the 1980’s from his bar in Soho.



She requested a drink that would both wake her up and 'pep' her up.

Thus, the delicious Espresso Martini was born. The dark, sophisticated intoxicant still ranking as one of the most popular cocktails is enjoyed at many a cocktail party today.


cocktail party not political party print


The after-dinner favourite is made with vodka, freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, and ice. 

The natural oils in the espresso are part of the ‘science bit’ which creates the delicious 'crema' on top.

A combination of bitter and sweet garnished with coffee beans. Delicious!

How about accompanying this fine drink with a dessert inspired by the Espresso Martini? This recipe created by Georgia of looks beautiful.




Ingredients you'll need :

300g dark chocolate
300g double cream
2 shots coffee
1 shot coffee liqueur
1 shot vodka
One pre-made pastry tart case

All you need to do is heat everything up, add the mixture to the tart tin, chill (you and the tart) and dust with cocoa powder!