Happy Fathers Day Grandad

Grandads are awesome. They are like our Dads but with a whole other generation of experience. They can spoil you without a worry for the consequences as I can have my sugar rush and tantrums when I am back with Mummy and Daddy.

Grandad likes to have hobbies and interests. He has some funny friends who ask him to go out for a pint of Peroni and packet of pork scratchings. However Grandad takes me to swimming lessons instead.

Coconutgrass have the perfect gift that can be personalised with thanks for Grandad.

Grandad likes to think he is a budding Rory McIlroy. He packs his golf clubs into the boot of his car... and takes me to the Zoo instead.

Coconutgrass have also got this covered with a gorgeous tub of tees with a personalised message especially for Grandad.

Grandad is always planning to build that new retaining planter in his garden that Nanny keeps asking about. He bought the bricks and a new trowel but builds my Marvel Infinity War Lego with me instead.


Again, thanks to Coconutgrass we can thank Grandad for his enthusiastic help with my Lego sets.

So much love for Grandad shown in these prints from Coconutgrass. Grandad's biggest hobby and interest is ME!