New Baby Father's Day

In the week that we say congratulations and all welcome a new baby, His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge, we look at the role of being a father to a new born.

With the adorable scenes of a sleepy Prince William after the birth of his son on his first engagement since becoming a Father for the 3rd time. 

A first week of the cycle of eat, pee, poop, cry, sleep can be truly exhausting however the new little precious bundle will already have Daddy wrapped around their little finger.

After the long wait and watching your partner endure the birth, you will have experienced every feeling and emotion possible.

You have a lorry full of new baby stuff that had to be ready in time for their arrival and have decorated a beautiful nursery in a carefully chosen bespoke interior design colour scheme.

Realising that all they need from you right now is a cuddle, milk and a nappy change. The little one won't notice that you didn't put a mountain range mural on their bedroom wall!

At Coconutgrass we think that our humorous print will help the new parents realise that we all have to learn new skills connected to having a new little human around and have a giggle.

Let's celebrate those Dad's to new little ones and champion their love and support of Mummy and their newest family member.