No good story started with a salad!

With the long spell of blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures all we want to do is relax in the garden and definitely stay outside the kitchen. Salads become the perfect choice for lunch and dinner.

If the idea of eating yet another leafy dinner makes you yawn, salads don’t have to be boring and they don’t have to be just light bowls of lettuce with a random shop bought dressing.

Salads can be exciting, honest! They can be extremely colourful and totally Instagram worthy. You won’t have to worry about them getting cold whilst you get that all important perfect shot of what you are eating for your dinner.

Supermarkets stock more and more exotic ingredients so you can really go to town with your flavours and textures. Here are examples of gorgeous salad recipes.


Jamie Oliver’s Blackened chicken with San Fran quinoa salad.




The Happy Foodie's Fennel, Mint and Orange Salad.


Now these are examples of delicious and colourful meals but they do cry out for a beautifully cool, glass of dressed Prosecco to accompany them because.......


No good story started with a salad.

Stay cool everyone.