On the move at Christmas time.

Already the TV sofa adverts are adding the 'guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas' statement to whip us up into a frenzy - just in case extra guests will descend with no where to sit. 

So how about adding a house move to the mix?

You may have been house hunting and visualising where you will place your huge Christmas tree... which will become far more important than replacing that grotesque avocado bathroom suite.



You could have a super excuse for not hosting the family gathering this year and even push to plan Christmas dinner out so there will be no  need to search for the fine china.


christmas dinner


A huge feast cooked by someone else and then you can get back to your moving boxes and Christmas tree.

An excellent 'killing two birds with one stone' would be sending the Christmas cards and new address cards together!

A stressful yuletide adventure which could be hampered by office Christmas closures, wintry weather and children being on school holidays, however you will have a magical new home for the new year.

Time to start new memories with your family in your new home.


new home gift