Right Royal Daddys and Grandads

What a wonderfully magical Royal Wedding we all had the pleasure of witnessing, like a true-life fairytale. Congratulations to the New Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It was so amazing to see Prince Philip defy all odds after a recent surgery to walk alongside the Queen to attend his Grandson's wedding.

At the sad news that Meghan's own Father was unable to make the journey over to the UK to attend his daughter's wedding, we were all touched by her request to be given away by Prince Charles.

There was a wonderful moment when Prince Harry thanked his Pop.

The Bridesmaids and Pageboys all were very young and adorable.

 As Prince Harry looked a little nervous waiting for his bride, his brother stood beside him looking equally as apprehensive, awaiting the arrival of his young son and daughter who had the important roles of Pageboy and Bridesmaid. 

Perhaps hoping that they would behave themselves whilst under the watchful eyes of the billions of people watching all over the world.

They both did their Dad proud.