September beckons, it's back to school!

We can't mention the new school year without hearing a massive groan from the schoolies in the house.

The organisation with the practical things reaches overdrive with the uniform, stationary and book lists.

Trying to have happy children who will return to school in clothes that are smart and adhere to the school code, yet are fashionable enough not to cause teenage tantrums, is a challenge in itself.

There is the school shoe shop. You grab a ticket and you get number 87, then hear the shoe shop assistant call ticket number 44! After you have all reached zombie mode and you have promised a fast food lunch and a treat to keep the troops happy, it's finally your turn. The children's feet are measured and the shop assistant disappears off to see what is in stock - usually the most uncool shoes in the range, or the most expensive.

Early nights are scheduled to get the little darlings used to getting up before midday again and you all brace yourselves for the impending school run.




We hope these products from Coconutgrass will help with the back to school blues.

Good luck!!!