The Honeymoon is beautiful alone time to be enjoyed after the crazy build up to the wedding and the main event itself.

Time to enjoy being the newlyweds and laugh together about the dramas at the wedding when the two families joined together in the celebrations.

Auntie Louisa had too much Prosecco and lead the dance floor revelers in the Macarena.  

You have had to circulate the crowd to politely thank your guests for attending and make small talk when you would actually rather be doing the Macarena with Auntie Louisa. To make up for this hardship, why not ask your guests to contribute to your flights, your hotel or any other activities you’d like to do on your honeymoon, such as spa treatments, a nice meal out or a special trip.

So the Honeymoon is booked, now you need some fabulous luggage that will hopefully be treated with the utmost care by the baggage handlers.

This Steamline Luggage is so classic and gorgeous.

We adore these cool ‘Escape’ Bags from the fabulous Southwood Stores.

Not a subliminal message to encourage one of the new pairing to escape! You’ll grow to love those annoying habits, we promise!


Don't leave your luggage looking unloved on the carousel, these tags make the perfect travelling companion. A personalised luggage tag in a range of lovely designs.

Hoping that someone has treated you to a pair of our gorgeous luggage tags.

And so.... to the destination.

A beautiful honeymoon destination in the Maldives,  looks simply stunning.

Or a breathtaking view from a tub for two in Durness.

Where ever you chose to spend it, we at Coconutgrass wish you an amazing honeymoon.