Family Home Gift Family Definition Print

This stylish family gift will can stand proud in your home and tell the world what your family stands for. A great family christmas gift.

This family gift is far better than a family coat of arms in your hallway. It allows you to personally define your family as you would do in a dictionary definition. It allows you to write about the funny moments of dad getting stuck in the sunroof, or the time mum sat on some chocolate ice cream. It brings your family close by allowing you to define yourselves as a unit. Display your family as you’ve never seen them before – as a definition on your wall! Don't let your special moments slip away, capture them in this unique frame and present as the perfect gift for your family.

This family print is perfect for a house warming, birthday or anniversary or simply to design and buy for yourself!

Coconutgrass offers a large variety of colour choices from classic monochrome for a Skandi style.

To order, simply enter a name you wish to define such as The Smiths, The Smith Family, or The Smith Clan and then enter your personalised definition. This definition is up to 255 characters (including spaces). If you wish to enter more that's fine. When ordering add a message in the notes section with the full definition.

Then select your finish of unframed, or framed.

made from:

Fine Art paper, pine framing is optional


A4 print measures, 30cm by 21cm.

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