Nanny report card

Tell grandma or nanny how they did this year in their very own personalised report card.

This personalised gift from coconutgrass is perfect for birthdays or those hard to find gifts for grandma or nanny. The first part of the print allows you to score your mummy or mum on up to 6 personalised subjects. You can then write a comment or funny anecdoate about each subject. From experience the funnier, the better. For example, 'teasing grandad' might be the subject, and the comment could be about how they always hide his remote.

The second part of this personalised print allows you to write a few more touching and personal things you love about them and why you give them an A+ for their class performance.

Available in 17 colours.

Print is sold unframed but framing is optional if you would like to add it on.

made from:

Printed on fine art paper using ultrachrome inks.


A4 - 30cm by 21cm


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