Texting in Class Teacher Card

Thank you teacher this year with the things they have taught you best. Texting without looking

Mothers day cards are a time for thanking mum, for everything mum does, she makes you laugh, gives you great advice when you need it. She also went without a drink for 9 months whilst pregnant with you. This is the perfect mothers day card for saying thank you for your mum and celebrate with a glass of wine for her thi smothers day. 

This card for your teacher is not just for a teacher end of term present but also times for other people you joke with or to say thank you! Designed in a playful and colourful font, this card will make your teacher smile when they open it. A humourous thank you teacher card is just what sir or miss always wanted!

Made from fine art paper

Size - A6 = 14.8cm by 10.5cm