Personalised Nanny Gift Grandma Cushion

A gift for Nanny of a beautiful personalised plump cushion for her favourite chair or to lay on her bed.

Your Nanny will adore this cushion which can be personalised for her to show Nan how you feel.

She is always there for special hugs, good advice and funny stories from back in the day.

Personalise this super special cushion with wording describing your Nanny’s funny ways.

Perhaps Nan has her own social media accounts and always posts embarrassing photos of her Grandchildren and loves to tag them.

Or she Is really good at Yoga but sometimes she farts but you aren’t allowed to mention that. She may always take you for a burger and chips just so she can have one. Does she know the lady who used to be in a sitcom before you were born but doesn’t like to talk about it.

Let us know your chosen wording and we will do the rest.

made from:

95% polyester, 5% cotton - this cushion cover has a linen style.


40cm x 40cm

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