Cocktail Recipe Coaster

If you like Pina Coladas, having a Dingaling with a Singapore Sling, Nursing a Hangover with a Bloody Mary or Kicking back with a Mojito then these individual cocktail recipe coasters are for you. Secretly we all want to be Tom Cruise from Cocktail, and while we all have our favourite drink, remembering just how to make them can be tricky!

Each coaster has a recipe written next to the cocktail and we depict the drink as an infographic.

Now making an Old Fashioned or a Cosmo couldn't be easier with the recipe written on the coaster and you can enjoy your perfect drink in style like Don Draper himself!

These coasters can be made for any drink such a refreshing G&T to an Alabama Slammer. These are made in the UK and have a lovely gloss finish.

Made From

MDF : Dimensions 9.5cm by 9.5cm

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