Butcher's Beef Meat Cuts Infographic Kitchen Print

Holy cow! Budding butchers, food snobs, chefs and top cooks at home can dazzle their friends with their knowledge and show that they only serve the best meat in their house!

This stylish beef cow print depicts the butcher cuts of beef, breeds of cattle and cooking methods in this kitchen print. based on the traditional meat cuts chart.

This beef butcher cuts info-graphic kitchen print has been stylishly designed to show what you stew or braise what you grill and what you roast. It doesn't tell you how to cook the perfect roast sadly, but a good tip is to save the fat for the gravy!

This print comes in two colour schemes black and grey or Red and Blue. It also comes available for people who love to sizzle some bacon or have some pork belly.

Available in (A3 - 42cm by 30cm)